we’re better together

I can’t imagine loving these children without the people who are loving me.

Sometimes love looks like a letter in my mailbox, or a prayer for my joy (& sanity!), or some money that always seems to arrive at just the right time.  I know I am never alone, that God has my hand and has said to so many of you ”take good care of my little girl.”  So know that I feel your love, that love of our FatherMotherGod, breathing life into you and from you into me and through me and into my own little ones, and please know that I pray for you as well.  I pray for your joy and your sanity because it is intense stuff, this life thing.  But it’s better together.

Journey with me?

I need prayer like a mermaid needs the sea!  I don’t even know where to start… I need so much.  An open heart, JOY, energy, wisdom.  Prayer is the sweetest gift you can give me.

I also need financial support.  I am a non-paid volunteer missionary, but I am responsible for raising money to cover all of my own expenses. I would love for you to consider partnering with me financially.

If you would like to make a (tax deductible!) gift, you may do so via:

1. Online Donations:
select Brittany Fairbanks #465 from the list
(USA & International cards accepted)

2. Mail Checks to:
World Outreach Ministries
P.O. Box B
Marietta GA 30061
(designate for Brittany Fairbanks #465)

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