sparkle bright

She runs up to me, with flushed cheeks and a dirt-smudged chin.  I offer my hand to her and together we meander towards the swings & slides: me walking, her dancing.  She looks up at me and when my eyes meet hers she doesn’t glance away, doesn’t even blink as she says, “Sarita told me she can tell you love me a lot, like a Mom.”  It’s a question, more than a statement, and her eyes sparkle bright as she waits for my answer.  I smile and I ask what she thinks of what Sara has said.  Her eyes sparkle brighter and her smile grows wider, “I think she’s right.”  We’re smiling at each other now, my eyes sparkling right back at her.  “Yes she is, I do love you very much, like my daughter.”

She runs off to swing & slide, with flushed cheeks and a dirt-smudged chin.  And every time her eyes meet mine, to make sure this Momma of hers is watching while she slides down on her belly or leaps off the swing to fly, I see them sparkle bright.