a prayer in the desert

September 23rd 2013

“…I’m like the Israelites, the ones grumbling in the desert.  Oh my my my my my.  I don’t want that.  God, I don’t.  So here I am God, here I am to confess.  LORD You are Beauty, You are Light, You are Brilliance & Peace & 10,000 Acoustic Guitars.  You are Cuddles & Chocolate & Glitter & Wine.  You are Justice & Truth & Clear Glass Jars on the Windowsill Full of Wild Flowers.  You are the Sound of Rain at night & the COLOR of Changing Leaves.  You are Hot Chocolate after Sledding & Peanut Butter Pie with Claire in the Middle of the Night.  You are Belly Laughs with Becky & Driving Around with Daddy with the Windows Rolled Down & a Dog in the Back.  You are a Decorated Christmas Tree & a Sleepover with The Gems.  You are Dinner on the Deck with Aunt Christine & Falling Plums on a Sheet with Gramma & Fireworks on the 4th of July.  Jesus You are a Perfect Moment Caught in a Picture & a Circle consisting of Mina, Yessenia, Anahi, Chela, Angela, Marichuy & Me.  You are the Most Beautiful, my Most Favorite, Moments of Life.  And it’s so easy for me to forget…”


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