“we can do no great things…”

So, I am here.. finally!

More than a year after I knew God was asking me to come here, I have arrived!  With only one suitcase, might I add.  Sometimes I amaze myself. = )

It’s been three weeks, and this ministry is every bit as beautiful as I thought it to be from afar, and the up close and in-the-action view has been everything from exhausting to terrifying to absolutely lovely.  I’ve been in “orientation” which means spending time in the different areas of the ministry to get to know what we do, who I work with, and of course.. who these kids are!

& these kids are awe.some.  Just letting you know that one right away. = )

These weeks have been filled with me doing “small things, with great love” as Mother Teresa would say.  Honestly.. my favorite thing that I’ve done so far is hold this baby boy one day for 10 minutes.  Let me tell you the story… = )

One of the areas of the ministry is in a very poor and very dangerous neighborhood in the South of the city, and there up on that mountain lives a beautiful, radiant Australian woman: Mary.  One of the many things that Mary does is open up her home on Fridays so that kids in the neighborhood can come play.  The first floor of her house is filled with games, puzzles, blocks, legos, dollies, coloring sheets, and so much love.  Kids who wouldn’t otherwise have space to just play as children have a safe and loving place to be.  Over 100 kids go to Mary’s each Friday, and hundreds more throughout the rest of the week, to learn about who God is and who they are as his children.

The moms in this area need to work to support their kids, which means that little children (who in the States might not even be allowed to cross the street by themselves) have the responsibility of not only caring for themselves for most of the day, but also for their younger siblings.  The little girls seem to embrace their role as little Mommies for their even littler brother and sisters, and one of these little girls has become so precious to me after only 3 weeks!  The first Friday that I was at Mary’s, “Leah” was there with her two younger siblings, the youngest being a baby boy who was seriously half as big as Leah, who she was happily carrying around.  All of the kids LOVE to color pictures, and I could tell that Leah wanted to sit and do exactly that, but she couldn’t because she needed to watch her baby brother.  I offered to hold him so that she could color that frog picture and oh.. to see her eyes light up at the idea of being able to play with crayons for a few minutes.  So I held that baby boy, and I loved it because I loved watching Leah be able to be eight years old and color a frog green.

Small things, with great love.

This Friday Leah colored a princess picture, and then she gave it to me.. so we are definitely friends now = )  I hugged her tight and then another girl gave me a picture because she wanted a hug too.  I’ve been told I’m a “dang fine hugger” haha which is good because these kids need lots of them!

I’m pretty sure.. the most important thing I can do with my life is share with others the love that God pours out onto me, so that they can learn to receive His love with arms wide open as well.. and as much as I have struggled with God about me just not always wanting to do this whole missionary thing, it’s in little tiny moments like watching Leah color that I realize again that this is an honor, and a blessing.. and any sacrifices I’ve made to be here really don’t matter compared to how important she is, and how important it is for God to be able to love her through her family, through Mary, and for those ten minutes.. through me.


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