October 18th 2012

It’s 7:10 in the AM and I haven’t even slept a wink!  Pretty sure.. most people I know pull all-nighters to either study or party, but I spent the past six hours installing curtain rods!  (hey now it’s kind of hard, it involves a drill!) Oh and dusting, organizing, hanging twinkle lights, enjoying a wee bit of coffee and maybe watching Gilmore Girls while doing all of the above. (those Lorelai’s are hilar, in case you don’t know)  The Cinderella in me has made an appearance because MY DAD IS COMING HOME!

He’s been gone for three weeks and I have missed him so much.  Living alone is not for me, let me tell you.  I become this person who spends more time talking to her cats than humans.. and my cats don’t even like me because I never remember to feed them until I notice them eating grass.  Sorry Chrissy & Douglas.

ANYWAY in a matter of hours Daddy will be home and in his honor I have dedicated the past 21 days to transforming his man-cave of a bedroom into a MAN OASIS.  I’m sitting here, finally finished and it is truly beautiful.  (Or shall I say, handsome!) Peaceful new artwork, luxurious new bedding on a stellar new bed, fresh paint, lovely-while-not-feminine curtains, crisply covered couches with plushy pillows, an organized desk atop new wooden floors (which he got last month.. I’m definitely not THAT handy.) softly scented candles… oh and twinkle lights of course.  As I was bustling around tonight/this morning (more awake out of joyful anticipation than caffeine actually) over and over the thought of how excited I was to prepare a place for him to come home to played in my mind.  And all of a sudden those words seemed familiar: to prepare a place to come home to, and I realized: oh yeah silly goose that’s totally in the Bible. 

Lucky for me I know how to use Google, which directed me to John 14.  In the chapter before, Jesus had washed the feet of His closest friends, and told them that He was about to die.  Understandably, they were all freaking out.  So Jesus was like: Calm down, it’s okay, trust meI am going to prepare a place for you in my Father’s house.

I don’t really know exactly what He meant by that, although I don’t really think Jesus has been all HGTV-ing it up for us in heaven since His death (though He was a carpenter… so I guess ya never know) but as I let this fragment of Scripture soak in I realized that I had only ever thought about myself entering heaven from my own perspective.  So many times I have seen myself falling down at God’s feet, or being welcomed by the grandest and warmest of hugs, or struck still in awe by His beauty, or just a gushy mess of tears because seriously… I can’t picture myself entering into the true and tangible presence of God without crying.  It’s what I do, people.

But besides picturing the most understanding and Loving smile on His face… I had never thought about what the LORD will be experiencing when we are together there in that place He has prepared for me.  And then all of the sudden I realized… He’s probably going to be every bit as excited about me coming home, as I am about the impending arrival of my Dad here.  Except, like.. even more.  Maybe THAT’s what Zephaniah 3:17 is talking about:


“The LORD your God is with you,

He is mighty to save.

H e   w i l l   t a k e   g r e a t   d e l i g h t   i n   y o u ,

He will  q u i e t   y o u  with His love,

He will rejoice over  you with  s i n g i n g . ”

Drink it in.

H e   i s   s o   i n   l o v e   w i t h   y o u .

I remember praying over so many people in Colombia: “God takes delight in your presence, just as you take delight in His…”  but for some reason I always forget how true that is for me as well.  God is delighted by my presence, and He is so excited for me not only to go home to Him one day, but also to choose to spend each of my days here on Earth with Him as well.  Somehow this summer I’ve so often failed to draw near to Him because I feel ashamed of how many days it’s been since I’ve really prayed, or part of me starts to doubt that I really know His voice, and ultimately, underneath it all is the absolutely false-belief that God couldn’t possibly love me so much that the depth of our intimacy really matters to Him.

But the miracle is that it does.

The oasis of His love awaits, now.  God is JOYFULLY anticipating our arrival home to Him, right now.  He may not be tangible, but He is oh-so present.

So if you’ll excuse me… I think I hear Someone saying, “Come talk to me, Baby Girl.”

(this is totally worth listening to, btw)

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