Papi Dios,

One of the best things about my girls is that they love to pray! They’re prayers are beautiful, and sometimes they even make me laugh. Here are a few of my favorites from last week:

LORD, help Brittany to not yell at the girls. And when she feels bad that she can go to the doctor. Bless Claire, and protect her. Thank you for this pretty house, because when I came here I didn’t know it. Thank you for Brittany’s bed because it’s pretty, thank you for the fans that Julio put in our room, thank you for our cubbies, and thank you that Brittany bathes us all the time so that we’re squeaky clean. Bless all the little girls, that they can go home with their families. In Jesus name, Amen.” -Maria

Please take care of all the children who don’t have anything to eat.” -Angela

Bless the little boys that Sara takes care of. Thank you for giving us one more day with Brittany.” -Yessenia

Take care of my Mama, and Brittany. Bless Brittany, and Claire. And bless Yessenia, and Rosa, and Brittany, and Claire. Bless Yessenia, and bless Rosa. And bless Brittany, and Claire, and Yessenia, and Rosa, and Brittany, and Claire…” -Jesica Rubi

Help me to obey Brittany, so that I won’t have any more red stars, and so that Brittany never has to take me to Obed. Take care of Claire, protect her, sanctify her, multiply her. In Jesus name, Amen.” -Rosa Isela

3 thoughts on “Papi Dios,

  1. Brittany,

    These are so nice and sweet. Thank you. I will see about praying for them. Have a wonderful day!


  2. Well, Brittany, mi hija,
    🙂 I see the girls really did enjoy Claire being there, even to the extent of wanting her to be multiplied. LOL! Cute prayers. Glad to see they love you!!! ❤ ❤ ❤


    tu Mamacita

  3. Wow, how will I be multiplied? That’s so cute, especially because it’s Rosa Isela’s. You should post an Emily prayer… : )

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