Did you know… Slavery Still Exists?

Human Trafficking is a real true thing that occurs everyday around the world.  In fact, there are currently more than 30 million slaves in the world today (this is more than there were at the height of the Trans-Atlantic slave trade) and many of these people are children.  Modern day slaves are often forced into farm labor, restaurant work, construction work, and prostitution.  Men, women, children and babies that are sold for SEX.  In Mexico alone there are currently 15,000 child sex workers.  I’m currently living in Tijuana, and I’ve walked past clubs where children are for sale… and everybody knows it.  Even the police.  And yet there has not been a single prosecution of child sex-trafficking in Mexico.  There is something horribly wrong with this.  Several of my missionary friends are about to move to Jaco, Costa Rica which is a famous sex tourism destination where one can easily find child prostitutes.  Child sex slaves.

So what can we do?

Our prayers are powerful and I assure you that God wants to put an end to this injustice, but he also want so use US to accomplish this.  An important thing we can do is learn to recognize the signs of someone who is held in slavery, as people who have been trafficked have been discovered in all 50 states.  If you think you know someone who is a victim of slavery you can actually report it online, here:  http://www.polarisproject.org/what-we-do/national-human-trafficking-hotline/report-a-tip

There are many organizations currently working to fight human trafficking, and the following are several:   http://www.polarisproject.org/     http://www.notforsalecampaign.org     http://www.himalayan-foundation.org

I think it’s so important to know about things like this that are going on.  Throughout the school that I’m currently in I’ve been confronted with so many horrific realities, and sometimes I just have to sit and ask God to help me cope with everything I’m becoming aware of, because it’s so heartbreaking.  But we can do something about it.

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”  Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

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