For the past three Miercoles’ (Wednesdays.. I like that word better in Spanish, haha)  I’ve gone to Tijuana’s red light district to give soup to homeless men in a park and intercede in the areas of prostitution.  The first time I did prostitution ministry was in Mexico City, during my DTS, and I remember just soaking it all in, not understanding very much Spanish, kind of in shock about the whole thing.  The past few weeks in Tijuana have been a lot different than that first experience, and they’ve also been a lot more difficult.

Walking down those streets is intense.  The bars are not small dingy little bars, they are big giant clubs with flashy lights and women standing outside, waiting to be chosen, waiting to sell themselves.  As they wait they are watched, there are so many men in that place, watching, controlling: pimping.  And inside several of these big flashy clubs are tiny little children, babies even, also being sold, and bought, and trafficked, and abused, and absolutely lied to about their worth.  The police know this.  The government knows this.  The people know this.  But it happens anyway.  It’s happening right now.  Children.  Babies.

Tonight after walking and praying through the club scene we walked back to the park where the other half of our group was serving soup and talking and praying with the men there.  A lot of those men struggle with addictions, many of them have been deported from the States, and all of them are searching for something… something which I know is Jesus.  This evening a Norwegian guy on our team was playing worship songs on his guitar, beautiful worship songs, “…it’s all God’s children singing glory glory, hallelujah He reigns…” and as we sung there together under those sparkling stars and surrounded by drug addicts all I could think about was how beautiful God is, especially in those places.  How much more beautiful is our God when we see Him as He really is, a God who intensely Loves ALL of humanity, than when we only see Him as a God who dwells in the pretty places, with the righteous people.  A God who loves those pimps just as much as He loves the children that they’re selling.  A God who is pursuing those women working in the night just as strongly as He is pursuing me. He is so beautiful.

One thought on “Demasiada.

  1. Dear daughter of mine, it’s a bit overwhelming to think about what you’re experiencing. I’m proud of you, though, for processing it in the way you are…that you’re seeing how beautiful God is that he can love the sinner/user as much as the victim. Praying for your safety, physically and emotionally, and that you will learn much, make some good friends, and continue being a blessing to others. Love, Mom

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